What to expect on the weekend

Cursillo (pronounced kur-see-yo) is the Spanish word meaning "short course". So the Cursillo weekend is a short course on Christianity. The weekend begins on Thursday night. This night is used to settle in.  There will be a time to meet  for those participating (called candidates) to socialize with the team and other candidates, a time to learn about the ground rules and the facility. Thursday the Spiritual Director will provide a mediation and explanation that this night is for you to relax and let the worries of the outside go so you can focus on the experience of the weekend. We call this part the retreat phase. It is time for you to be still and relax in the Lord. Thursday night is a good night to enjoy just resting in the Lord's presence. 

The actual course or weekend begins on Friday and ends on Sunday.  During these three days the participants will live and work together listening to talks given by the Spiritual Directors and  team members.

There will be time to reflect and share about the talks in small groups.  Each of the three days will include time to socialize, pray and share the Eucharist together. 

The weekend proposes no new type of spirituality but simply presents a method through which one's spirituality may be developed, lived and shared in any area of human life where there are Christians willing to dedicate their lives to God in an ongoing manner. 

 National Cursillo Center (c) 2008 FEB-2010  #312