School of Leaders Chairperson



"The Cursillo Movement originated within a school, and it was through the constant and coordinated efforts of the leaders of that school that it acquired its form, as well as its drive toward growth and development. The school then came first. It was the school that gave birth to the Cursillo Movement, nurtured it, and made it strong enough to survive and branch out into a full-fledged movement in the Church. The school has always been and is to this day the element that is essential to the continuity and development of the movement."

Is the LORD calling you to a deeper commitment to Cursillo Apostolate? Would you like to learn more about the methods of Cursillo and serve CHRIST through leadership in the movement? The School is a group of people who are striving to be saints and want to bring others with them. The School of Leaders is a community of service to the Movement.

Please contact Cathy Vendemia if you are interested in becoming active in the Rockford School of Leaders.

                                "A Movement is only as good as its leaders are." Is GOD calling you?