Cursillo Chairperson


A Message from the Chairperson


My name is Anne Stevens. I’m from St. Mary Parish in Oregon, Illinois and I began living my Cursillo in the spring of 2014. Nearly 3 years ago, I joined Secretariat as the Cursillo chairperson.

In this role, I am responsible for facilities management on the weekends. I make sure the building is secured on the dates we would like, work with the parish to make sure someone is there to let workers in, and that the facility is in good working order and returned in the same fashion - often time better- when we rent it each weekend. I also maintain the storage areas that we rent from St. Mary’s, which include the garage and our newly constructed storage room, where most of our equipment and bedding is kept. I am also the trainer for the Liaison  Head and team for the women’s side of Cursillo.

I am a communicator between Cursillo and Saint Mary’s Parish specifically with the secretary and Fr. Naill. I act as a go to person for all things in the building for both weekends as needed.