What is the Cursillo Weekend?


During the three days of the Cursillo weekend from Thursday evening to Sunday evening, people from all walks of life grow close to one another. Religious and lay people form a living, working Christian community to gain a deep awareness of the treasures and responsibility of their faith. The goal of the Cursillo weekend is to give those who make it a new understanding of Jesus Christ, the basic Christian truths, and the desire to serve the church.

The Cursillo weekend is a blend of seriousness, light heartedness, spiritual exercises, talks and discussions. The teachings of Christ are discussed within an atmosphere of joy and song. There are meditations and talks by priests and laymen, and everyone making the Cursillo weekend is urged to participate by taking notes, discussing, and even by making drawings that illustrate major points.

The Cursillo weekend ends at the close of the three days. However, the whole point of the Cursillo movement is that ordinary people can steadily grow in the love and service of God and man for the rest of their lives. Christian growth is not easy, but the Cursillo weekend provides a framework for it, both during the three days and afterwards. In the Post-Cursillo, emphasis is on maintaining a vibrant and growing Christian community, thus springs the apostolic action required to make ours a better world to live in.

For many, a Cursillo weekend is a new awakening to a deeper friendship with Christ.

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Updated on 01/19/2019